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We have been helping our clients breathe safe, clean air for more than 25 years. Our systems capture contaminates at their source and recirculates clean air back into your workspace without the loss of conditioned air. We create a healthy atmosphere that promotes increased production, reduces insurance liabilities, and maintains good housekeeping in your plant.

From an air filtration system to a dust collector in New York / New Jersey Metro Area, our veteran-owned company uses the most-effective brands and products to create solutions for all of your indoor air quality needs.

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Manufacturers have varied concerns when it comes to providing clean air in their machining, fabricating, and finishing areas. Every system that we install is customized to fit the need. We consider the type of pollutants you are generating, the space you have available, and your budget when we are designing your systems. Depending on your need, your system may include such equipment as:

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Benefits of a New Air Purification System

Besides improving the air quality, a new air cleaning or dust collection system affords you several other perks. With less combustible dust accumulations in your factory, your company usually experiences a reduction in the cost of liability insurance. With less dust, there are reduced machine maintenance and housekeeping requirements.

New industrial air purification systems in New York/ New Jersey Metro Area are an investment in your future earnings–our “easy to maintain” systems also aid in keeping your crew healthy, thus reducing sick days. When your workers feel good, they work more efficiently, and your production goes up!! Whether you need a dust control booth or an air filtration system, contact us.